Hurt to Healed Part VI

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Let me categorically state, I am not a demon chaser…but sometimes, they show up. Like what happens when light is shown in a cave, the light of God’s word can expose the darkness in hearts, where often demonic influence can manifest. Scriptures do not speak about possession in the same way that the word is […]

From Hurt to Healed Part V

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SIMPLE MODEL OF COMMUNICATION The simple communication process starts with a message that a person wants to communicate.  When the individual sends the message, whether it is in verbal, written or non-verbal form; it first passes through the individual person’s in-coder. The in-coder is made up of their perceptions, beliefs, history and mood for that […]

From Hurt to Healed Part IV

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SEVEN STEPS TO HEALTHY CAREGIVING The process of caregiving takes on several steps which will be briefly examined here. They include: Establish a good rapport with the client. Empathy, warmth, respect and genuineness are of utmost importance.  Explore the problems by asking probing questions to determine possible causes of the problem presented. Discerning of causes.  […]

From Hurt to Healed Part III

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AREAS OF LIFE AFFECTED BY CAREGIVING Men are created as tri-partite beings.  They are made up of three primary, inseparable and intertwined components.  The three parts are: spirit, soul and body.  It can be noted that the primary problems “born again” people have in their lives are not in the area of their spirit, but […]

From Hurt to Healed Part II

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Caregiving and the Need In Ephesians 4:16 Paul says, “…from who the whole body being fitted together by that which every joint supplies according to the proper working of each individual part causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love” (NAS). Caregiving ministry is discipleship.  The Holy Spirit’s role […]