Fresh Manna Part IV

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  4.  CONFESS THE WORD CONCERNING THE SCRIPTURES Confession in this context does not mean that if something is said over and over, even God’s Word, that automatically what is being repeated will come to pass, and that every fantasy of will must be fulfilled by the Lord.  The truth of God’s Word will set […]

Fresh Manna Part III

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THE FUNDAMENTALS  The following fundamentals will prove to be of great value to the student of the Word of God.  Like any system of learning or study, the fundamentals are only as good as the effort of the student using them.  Knowing the fundamentals, but not practicing them, is much like reading the Word of […]

Fresh Manna Part II

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WORDS FOR THE “WORD”  In the Greek, there are three basic words used for our one word “word”.  They are: GRAPHE, LOGOS, AND RHEMA.  These three words together give the student a complete picture of God’s plan for the study of the Word of God.  GRAPHE The Graphe is the written Word of God (2 […]

Fresh Manna Part I

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STUDYING GOD’S WORD Over the past several years a number of Christians leaders have fallen from grace.  The reasons for their fall are numerous, and the laity have been hurt because of their fall.  In many cases, the sheep have fallen away because their eyes were on the man or woman of God and not […]