I Want to Be Like You, Dad

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 “The cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon.  Little boy blue, the man in the moon… I wanna be like you dad,  you know I’m gonna be like you.” – Harry Chapin – ************************************* Are we destined to repeat the patterns of our family?  Must we walk in the shadow of generations’ past? Along […]

Fresh Manna Conclusion

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BIBLE STUDY TOOLS  The secret to a job well done is to be found in having the correct tools for the job.  The carpenter, the surgeon, the dentist, the auto mechanic, etc., ad infinitum all depend on the right tools in order to do a proper job.  Not only are the right tools needed, a […]

Fresh Manna Part VII

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  Fresh Manna continued… Each promise is powerful only in its proper time and place; each promise is conditioned by its own environment, the people to whom it was first spoken; etc. Each scripture must be compared with other scriptures.  No text can be properly used in isolation from the testimony of the whole Bible.  […]

Fresh Manna Part VI

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HERMENEUTICS  “Hermeneutics” is a word from the Greek that means to “explain” or “interpret”.  The Bible student’s task then, is to establish rules that will help him to read the scriptures responsibly, and to interpret them wisely and well.  RULES FOR UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE (A) YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE  The Bible can, and should, […]

Fresh Manna Part V

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    7.  READ TO SOMEONE ELSE OUT LOUD AND/OR LISTEN WHILE THEY READ TO YOU  Many adults can remember the joy of listening to a teacher read to them in the first few grades in school.  Teachers say that the times that they have the least problems with discipline or restlessness on the part […]