In 1974, Vision began both in Tasmania, Australia and San Diego, California. Dr. Ken Chant, founder of Vision Bible College, began in Launceston, Tasmania. Simultaneously, Dr. Joseph Bohac and Dr. Stan DeKoven began Logos Institute, a local church training program in practical ministry and counseling. By 1977, Dr. Chant moved his school to Sydney, Australia, joining Pastor Allan Langstaff, where the Vision Bible College program grew. Logos Institute continued as a counseling ministry and training center, while Dr. DeKoven pursued studies in psychology and theology.

By 1982, Dr. Chant moved to the United States (St. Paul, Minnesota). He established his program there. Dr. DeKoven returned to San Diego after having earned his doctorate and continued to expand the Logos program. Simultaneously, Dr. Randy Gurley, Chairman of the Board of Regents and Executive vice-president of Vision, began his Bible College teaching ministry eventually merging with Vision. By 1985, Dr. Chant, in response to a strong leading from the Lord, brought his outstanding Bible College to San Diego, California. Vision Bible College was legally and rightly incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1985.

By 1987, Dr. DeKoven and Dr. Chant had established a full-time, short-term campus and eventually merged their hearts and visions. The network of affiliated campuses, the desire of Dr. DeKoven’s heart, began to be established and has grown as is described hereafter.

1990 was a pivotal year for Vision. Dr. Chant, in obedience to the Lord, returned to his native Australia. Prior to his leaving, Vision Bible College, under Dr. DeKoven’s direction, had expanded to its present University status. A headquarters site was purchased in the beautiful community of Ramona, California, where the present headquarters continues to be based. A local campus and a counseling center are also located at this location. Since 1990, Vision has expanded its influence around the world, developing teaching centers in every continent.