Africa and Middle East Zone

“I met Dr. DeKoven at a missions conference in Indiana. I was a full time missionary in Kenya, with a mandate to train leaders, but without a curriculum of program. Dr. Stan was looking for partners wanting to plant bible colleges…and the Lord knit our hearts and missions together.

As of today, we have dozens of colleges in Africa, in English and French, and have had thousands of students…and we continue to grow, under the leadership of our East, West and South Africa directors…God is good, and the Kingdom of God is advancing in Africa, as we take the whole Word to the world” – Dr. Steven Mills African and Middle East World Zone Leader

Africa is no longer considered the dark continent.

In 1900, less than 10 million Christians lived in Africa. Today, this figure has risen to 360 million. Africa accounts for about 14.8% of the world’s human population. As of 2009, Vision has Bible College programs in approximately one third of the African nations, and our goal is to plant bible colleges in every African nation, including Muslim nations. Vision needs completed curriculum in West African French (almost completed) and Arabic (half-way done).

There is a great zeal for God and for evangelism, which is seeing millions come to Christ each year. However, there is a drastic shortage of trained leadership to bring these new converts to a full knowledge of their new found life in Christ. Leadership training and training materials are vital to the health and sustainability of the African Church. Vision is in a position to step into this need and make a real impact on the continent of Africa by training her leaders.

5,000 Churches in 16 Nations

Each Vision graduate is challenged to be a great commission leader by getting their local church involved in spreading the gospel or by planting a new church. Over the past 8 years this partnership has seen over 5,000 new churches established in 16 nations of West Africa. They are also encouraged to begin a training program so they can send out church planters of their own.

In 2004, 300 chruch planters were trained in Liberia using Vision materials and were sent into 300 different villages to start new churches. When the first reports came back 3 months later there were 297 active churches with over 11,000 new members. By the end of the year those 297 churches had reached over 20,000 members. Many of those churches today are now starting daughter churches in the surrounding villages. One Vision school in Kenya has been sending teams to a remote Muslim dominated area and has seen many Muslims saved and several new churches established. These students have made such an impact on the area that the local government invites them to take part in regional development meetings.

“This year, Vision will plant ministry training centers in 14 African nations. We are transforming the face of the African continent with properly trained, spirit-empowered leaders.” – Morris M. Yeedon, West Africa Regional Director

Steve and his wife, Kath, have been in fulltime mission work since May 1984. Steve spent 6 months in Uganda in 1984 by himself, with his family in Haiti for 8 months in 1985 and then the family moved to Kenya in June 1986 where they lived for over 17 years. In 2002 he and Kath moved back to the US to work with Global 12 Project. Steve travels extensively having ministered in more than 45 nations.

From 2002 until 2015 he traveled throughout the United States holding mission conferences, helping churches with their mission programs and small group ministries. The main focus of Steve’s overseas ministry is church planting and leadership development in Africa, the Arabian Gulf and beyond. Since 2015 Steve and Kath have lived in Kuwait where Steve is currently serving as the Senior Pastor for Crossroad International Church. He is also Vision’s Vice President of International Operations and World Missions and zone leader for Africa and the Middle East.

Zone Leader: Steven Mills, D.Min.