Zone Leader: Denis Plant, M.Th.

Dr. Denis has enjoyed a teaching ministry for over 40 years. Moving up through the ranks of the local church he moved on to pastor and later to pioneer several churches in NSW.  Denis has taught in several bible colleges in Australia and around the world and has established two Bible Colleges, one of which is now the denominational Bible College for the Foursquare Churches in Australia

The accredited program from Australia has opened new doors of opportunity for serious students of The Word. What a joy to take the whole Word to the whole world…

Dr. Denis Plant, Principal, Vision International College and World Zone Leader, Australasia

Vision began in Australia under the leadership of Dr. Ken and Dr. Alison Chant, on the small island of Tasmania. From the start, the goal of taking the whole word to the world was in the heart of our founders, and it continues to be the passion of Vision worldwide. Vision has numerous Resource Centers in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.


Since 2002 we have been supporting several local bible colleges in the outer suburbs of Yangon and over 160 students have graduated from those colleges. Following the devastating Cyclone in 2008 those colleges were devastated, buildings destroyed and a few of the students were killed. Most dispersed and engaged in ministry with many Buddhist priest. The International Bible College has gone to assist the ministry in reaching people in that nation. We now have two colleges, one in Yangon and one in Mandalay, Nepal. We are being encouraged to continue the translation of our materials as the need is great and the potential is tremendous. Thus, our strategy remains to translate works and plant schools, with the eventual hope of conducting leadership conferences for the underground church as the Lord opens doors.

Papua New Guinea

Two colleges have been established in the Port Moresby province and interest is being developed in Madang and Mount Hargan in the Central Highlands of the nation for colleges to be established in those nations.


On the Island of Mindanou a college and training center has been established. Vision has also established programs in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.