Zone Leader China and South East Asia:  Paul Ai D. Min.

Dr. Paul Ai is a Vision International Zone leader. He is the President (Bishop Overseer) at Vietnamese Harvest network International and Bishop Overseer at Paul Ai Ministries – Vietnamese Outreach International. He has a powerful testimony of conversion from witchcraft, been imprisoned on more than one occasion, and has led many to Christ.

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Come help us…we are hungry to know the word of God, and correct doctrine for our people.

It is estimated that up to 8% of the population of mainland China is born again, with most believers worshiping in house churches not approved by the government. The need for training and literature is great, and the key to reaching this nation hungry for spiritual reality and strong education are programs such as those offered by Vision International. In addition, Taiwan’s influential Christian population has a heart for the mainland.

Presently Vision has only a few church-based programs in China, but the number is growing. We have been in dialog with numerous underground church leaders, including teams in Taiwan with a heart for missions. We continue to translate our materials as the need is great and the potential is tremendous. Bob Nolan, Missionary Teacher to China and Taiwan states “The hunger for teaching is amazing. The passion for God is humbling…the willingness to suffer for Christ is awe inspiring. We must help, and our key leaders in Taiwan are willing to help reach the Mainland. The work is great, but God is able if we all pull together.”