San Diego County Outreach

A bit on our history…

It was two and half years ago that Vision was able to purchase its first building for a headquarters. The Vision International Center and San Diego Outreach houses our offices and now allows us to conduct local training and video development of our courses like never before. Further, we can hold mini conferences and outreaches to the Ramona community and San Diego County which is a blessing.

Having a physical home strengthens our profile in the community and the nations, and we are more dedicated than ever to see our dynamic curriculum utilized for certificate or degree programs in local churches around North America, and also provide mentor hybrid programs, counseling and mentoring programs at a fraction of the cost of most comparable programs, accredited or non-accredited, to hungry students here at home.

Today the San Diego Outreach is:

A Partnership for healing, support, and growth for our community.

Healing hurts, struggles, and injustice endured at any age can alter our view of ourselves and the world.  Healing and restoration are possible, and vital.

San Diego Outreach provides:

Support and Resilience

Challenging moments and seasons pull on our capacities and resources.  A timely investment of support, resources, and connection can facilitate resilience and the ability to thrive through the difficulty.

Personal and Community Growth

A foundation of healing and support allow personal and community growth to thrive.  Individuals who received support are now able to give back to the community that invested in them through supporting and serving others.


Community Outreach and City Hope

  • Location provided for community meetings and gatherings
  • Rapid response assistance for leaving a violent situation
  • Emotional and tangible support in the aftermath of a crisis or trauma
  • Connection to urgent necessities
  • Variety of customized assistance plans and community resource connection
  • Monthly Healing Rooms


  • Variety of Coaching:  Life, mental health,  financial, professional, communication, marriage, relationship, etc
  • Individual, couple, family coaching.
  • Scholarships and sliding scale fee arrangements available


  • Counselors, therapists, and MFTs
  • Individual, couple, family counseling
  • Scholarships and sliding scale fee arrangements available

Group Activities

  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Timely and relevant topics
  • Open to the community, or can be specifically crafted for specific groups
  • Opportunities for ongoing growth, specific skills training, access to skills to thrive in life

Want more information?

Let us know if you are interested in any of these services or if you would like to become a volunteer.  This would be a great way to serve your community and the Lord.   God Bless!