The Vision International conducts many forms of International Outreach.

The VISION is located throughout the world teaching and sharing the whole word with the whole world. We also provide curriculum in multiple languages to existing Bible College’s and Schools of Ministry at affordable costs, so your school will never have to worry about books going out of print, or having to develop study guides and exams…It is all provided and can be private labeled just for you.

Four reasons to start a school of ministry/Resource Center and change the world with us!

  1. It is Biblical
  2. It has a Strategy of Reproduction
  3. It Helps build the Church of the Locality
  4. It is Decentralized Education

The Biblical mandate for all ministry is to equip the saints for the work of service, to mature the Body of Christ until we as Christ´s Body are flowing and functioning together as a unified force of change, as salt and light. The question of our time is not should we train our leaders, for certainly we must. The real question is how do we properly train the saints of God for effective service, while maintaining our key leaders for the future building of the church both local and universal?

The need for similar training centers still exists today. As converts multiply, it is important that they be trained as disciples. Disciples must be challenged with their responsibility of reaching the world with the Gospel.

As nations experience political change, many missionaries are forced to leave countries where they have ministered. If the process of spiritual multiplication is to continue in their absence, they must leave behind training centers similar to that in Ephesus.

You can become an Affiliate…We eagerly welcome new Affiliate partners into the Vision International University Friends of Vision Associates program. Affiliates can earn $100 or more for each student that signs up for a certificate or degree program with Vision International University, or becomes a Resource Center in the local church. You will be supplied with links and banners to place on your website and for emails promotion. Referrals are tracked in the registration form where new students tell us how they heard about Vision. For more information click the link below.