India Zone Leader: Dr. Yvette Dsouza

Dr. Yvette is Pastor and Bible College Director at National Evangelical Church in Kuwait. She was formerly from Mumbai, Maharashtra and is our zone leader for the subcontinent of India

Just the Tamil Language alone will touch millions…India is ripe for Vision, and Vision is perfect for India

Pastor Robert Nesan, Tamil Language Director, India and the World

As you can see, this nearly 1.5 billion people are a large target group, and eventually, we hope to have many additional directors over these various areas, perhaps broken down by language group.

As of today, Vision has bible schools in Southern India. In Pakistan we have some schools as well, with the limited amount of Urdu language materials we have. We also have a school in Nepal. We are actively translating materials into Tamil, which reaches Southern India and Sri Lanka, where we have some schools established.