Publish your book with Vision Publishing Services

Vision Publishing Services offers the opportunity for Christian authors to publish their books and distribute them through major retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Vision of Vision began in 1974 with a dream to “take the whole word to the whole world.” The vision, of providing quality educational and training materials for the body of Christ expanded in the 1980’s, and included providing materials into the nations of the world.

Unfortunately, most spirit filled students have to settle for curriculum developed from other faith traditions, or the materials available lack well researched and academically strong content. Thus, the Vision Curriculum was born. In our curriculum, you will find:

  • Textbooks that do not go out of print, upgraded on a continuous basis
  • Study guides that parallel the text, helping to reinforce learning and ensure student interaction with the textual material.
  • Complete multiple choice exams and answer keys for local grading.
  • CD’s or DVD’s for those wanting them for supplemental lecture on the subject.
  • Teaching Notes and Power Points for most of our courses to assist the instructor

If you have been looking for curriculum that is practical, dynamic, spirit filled and academically sound, look no further…Vision Curriculum Purchase is the answer.