Church Planting

The Integration of Church Planting and Leadership Training

The two major themes turning heads in the missions community are leadership training and church planting. A problem exists, however, in a lack of integration of these two major streams of mission. Church planting ministries are desperate for trained workers and Leadership Training Plant a Church Ministries are looking for places for their graduates to minister. Through a Strategic Partnerships between International Training & Education Network and Principle of 12 Project over 6,000 churches were estalished worldwide during 2005.

Church Planters Need to be Trained For…

  1. Assurance of a sound theological foundation for ministry
  2. An understanding of integrity and ethics needed for ministry
  3. Understanding of the Call of God on their life for ministry
  4. Quality of Leadership needed to plant sustaining churches in the nations
  5. Avoidance of frustration and burnout in ministry from lack of adequate training
  6. Impartation of the Vision of a worldwide ministry

International Training & Educational Network’s focus on local church based education positions itself to help bring integration between leadership training and church planting. The vision for church planting comes from hundreds of strong local churches I-TEN partners with, and who have a compatible vision to plant churches. Through I-TEN, church planters can be trained in the local setting. By working together we can see leaders trained and churches planted around the world.


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Are You Ready to Develop Leaders and Church Planters?

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