Vision is committed to your success in ministry because those of us who comprise the institutions of Vision are all involved in active ministry. We are all serving our churches, communities, and families in one way or another. Many of us are currently or have been local church pastors, counselors, and educators. We believe that ministry training leading to a meaningful and respected degree should be practical, integrated with everyday life, and thoroughly rooted in the local church. That means you stay with your family, your church, and your community while you earn your degree.

We believe that every individual Christian should be trained for ministry, and we believe in your calling. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Online Learning

Study online, with no residency requirement using our pioneering online learning platform.


Earn a US-authorized advanced degree — primarily for students in the Majority World!

Schools of Ministry

Let us help you build a School of Ministry to offer Christian Ministry training in your local church!

The Vision International Education Network offers both academic and vocational degree programs designed to prepare men and women for professional service in Christian Ministry and Community Service. Vision offers flexible and affordable distance education and online learning programs from Certificate to Master's Degree. Vision also offers dynamic local church-based training via its Resource Center outreach programs in 140 nations worldwide. The Vision International Education Network consists of four independently governed institutions united by a common commitment to deliver high quality education to the nations of the world in the spirit of Christian mission.