Bachelor’s Degree (B.A. and B.Min.)

Quick Program Facts

Credit Hours: 120

Total Cost: $12,000.00

Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivelent

Vision Christian University Student

Are you looking for a creative way to finish your degree?  Have you studied at a state approved or accredited college or university and do you have transferable credits?  We’ll help you earn the Bachelor’s degree that’s right for you.

We offer the Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Studies programs for qualifying students. The variation between the two programs represent the professional and academic tracks offered by Vision International University.  If you’ve earned credits in ministry, theology, bible, or the humanities from another recognized college or university, you should be able to easily transfer into the Bachelor’s Degree Program.

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Courses You’ll Need to Complete (15 credit hours) in our Bachelor’s Core

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Courses that help you specialize in a ministry: (complete 15 credit hours)

Emphasis in Theology (15 hours):

Emphasis in Christian Counseling (15 hours):

Emphasis in Christian Education (15 hours):

Emphasis in Leadership (15 hours):

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