Bachelor of Ministry Degree (B.Min.)

Program Facts

Credit Hours: 120

Total Cost: $12,000.00

Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivelent

What’s the Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) Degree Program?

The Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) degree program is designed to prepare men and women to serve in Christian Ministry. It includes systematic study, wide reading and practical ministry education. The Bachelor of Ministry degree is a vocational, pre-professional degree, designed to transition the student into graduate-level theological education. The Bachelor of Ministry program consists of 120 credit hours, 30 of which must be from Vision International University. The student must complete the five core courses and select a ministry specialization for the remainder of their courses. As a vocational, pre-professional degree, the program does not require a minimum number of General Education credits, differentiating it from the Bachelor of Arts degree.

After completing the B.Min. degree, you’ll be able to:

  • Lead congregations to creative, biblically–informed transformational endeavors;
  • Respond appropriately to societal trends that impact church ministry;
  • Critically and sympathetically engage new models with the historic resources of the Christian tradition
  • Demonstrate biblical literacy and theological reflection;
  • Serve in a variety of ministry service roles;
  • Demonstrate a range of general and specialist ministry skills;
  • Minister to people with a wide range of needs, selecting appropriate approaches;
  • Demonstrate practical skills in Christian teaching, preaching, leadership, pastoral, counseling, and cross-cultural situations.

Program Core (Required 15 credit hours):

Emphasis in Theology (15 hours):

Emphasis in Christian Counseling (15 hours):

Emphasis in Christian Education (15 hours):

Emphasis in Leadership (15 hours):