Master of Arts in Christian Education (M.A.)

Credit Hours: 36

Total Cost: $5,400.00

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree

Master of Arts in Christian Education (M.A.)

Are you called to teach and invest in the lives of children in the Christian School or Church environment?  Earn your Master of Arts in Christian Education degree.

The Master of Arts in Christian Education is designed to provide advanced training in Biblical principles of Christian Education. This degree prepares one to do educational tasks in a Christian setting. Among these are teaching, supervising, developing, and implementing Christian education programs.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

Our Goals for the Degree Program

  1. To prepare students to oversee the Christian Education program of a local church and to develop lay ministries within the church setting.
  2. To develop a philosophy of Christian Education which is based upon solid biblical, theological, and educational foundations.
  3. To equip students to mobilize and motivate lay persons to assist in the teaching ministry of the church.
  4. To inform students of the latest trends, theories, and creative teaching methods in the field of Christian Education.
  5. To assist the student in the integration of theory and practice which will result in effective evangelism and Christian nurture within the church.

What You’ll Learn When You Earn Your MA in Christian Education Degree

  1. Understand the foundations of religious education and to conceptualize these understandings in the church educational ministry;
  2. Communicate to, lead, motivate, manage, and administer people and programs in the educational ministries of the church;
  3. Develop, evaluate, and administer curriculum in the church educational program and to serve as a resource person in the area of curriculum;
  4. Model an effective role as teacher and leader and to assist lay people to develop teaching and leadership skills;
  5. Develop specialized ministries to meet unique needs of individuals in the educational program;
  6. Enable lay people to worship, witness, teach, minister, motivate, and apply Christian faith in life and to initiate and administer programs in these areas;
  7. Function effectively in interpersonal relationships;

The twelve courses listed comprise the Master’s degree in Christian Education. Substitutions are subject to the approval of the Academic Dean. Substitution may be made if some of the above courses have already been taken (graduate transcripts of courses must be submitted for evaluation). A Master’s Thesis or Comprehensive Exam based on the course content may be required.