Year Three Courses (Transitional Year): 30 Credit Hour

BI223: Ephesians
An analysis and exposition of this dynamic letter of Paul the apostle to the church in Ephesus, expand the horizons of his readers, so that they might understand better the dimensions of God’s eternal purpose and grace and come to appreciate the high goals God has for the church.

BI 302: Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament

The ministry of the prophet and the gift and function of prophecy is explained from a historical and modern context. The place and environment of prophetic ministry, prophetic presbytery, and the office of the prophet is explained.

RS 200: History of Civilization I: Church History Perspectives
A study of church history during the Apostolic Age, the ante-Nicene period, and the post-Nicene period. Topics include the rise of orthodoxy, the many transformations that took place after the conversion of Constantine, the rise of the papacy, the many forms of medieval religious life, and the emergence of new forms of both lay and clerical piety. The developmental history of Western Civilization, in relation to the History of the Church, is noted in particular.

RS 217: Introduction to Charismatic Theology
This course explores the fundamental foundation of Christian belief in the area of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Orthodox Christian truths will be taught in detail and are prerequisite for a dynamic Christian.

GE 201: Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective
Students will examine cultural anthropology from a Christian perspective, with particular emphasis on environmental analysis for missions. The students will gain a deeper understanding of different approaches to cultural anthropology and the applications of cultural theory for understanding cultural and religious diversity in the modern world. The importance of applied cultural anthropology to address the challenges of cross-cultural living and ministry will be emphasized.

CC 301: Self-Concept: Studies in Biblical Inner Healing
This course contains the biblical bases for the concept of inner healing and healing of the memories. The student will be able to deal with issues in his or her own past that may be preventing them from being a “real person.”

RS 301: Pastoral Ministry
This is a study of the practical side of a minister’s life and duties. It will include instruction in the proper manner of services, and a discussion of many of the problems a pastor faces.

RS 304: Introduction to Leadership
A detailed study of the basic principle of leadership as it applies to the local church. This will include the Dynamics of Leadership, Qualifications of Leadership, Counseling and Ethics, Church Administration and Government, etc.

RS 305: Introduction to World Missions
A study of the theology of missions, history of missions from Pentecost to the present, and culture and the missionary, with special emphasis on the unreached people groups of the world.

RS 314: Principles and Philosophy of Church Growth
The Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20) is the continuing mandate of the church. Though methods of evangelism and church planting have changed, the mandate remains the same. How to “grow the church” is the focus of this course.