Academic FAQs

Q. Now that I have my course material, what is the best way to proceed?

A. We recommend that you set a regular time each day to study. Whatever time is best for you, when you are resh and undistracted. Begin each time with prayer. Before diving into the course material, make sure you read the syllabus carefully, to insure you understand the actual course requirements. Frequently we will receive via email or snail papers that were not required, incomplete study guides, and exams that were for personal enrichment. Therefore make certain you are clear on the assignments, and once you are, work through the material one step at a time.

B. If you do not fully understand a syllabi requirement, or if there is something conflicting (we do make mistakes at times), contact our Assistant Academic Dean, Dr. Tal Klaus at or your personal Academic Mentor.

C. If you need assistance with writing a paper be sure to review the Vision Publication Research Writing Made Easy.

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Q. I cannot find a supplemental or recommended textbook. Now what?

A. First, contact your local library. Second, check on Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you cannot find a book that is not published or distributed by Vision Publishing. However, if you still cannot find the book, it may be out of print and require a substitute. Then you would want to email your Mentor or our Academic Dean again (see link above).

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Q. Do I really need to follow the form of writing found in Research Writing Made Easy?

A. Of course, we love innovation, and we encourage budding novelists to flow as lead. However, for your course material, discipline in writing is needed. Follow the book…that’s why we wrote it. Learning the style and format and how to use one is an important component of any education.

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Q. I just received my grade for the last course, and was pretty unhappy. Can I appeal the grade? Can I take the exam again? Can I demonstrate my competence in the course another way?

A. We know that courses can be difficult, and learning styles can vary. So, yes, you can appeal your grade, and we will listen (but frankly, we rarely if ever change a grade from your professor, so start your appeal there, later to the Dean as needed).

B. As for the exam, yes for a fee you can retake the exam. The cost is $50.00 and you must request this in writing from our Student Services Department, Maureen Kelley, M.A.

C. Yes you may attempt to improvement of your performance through a paper or other method approved in advance by your Mentor or Academic Dean. 

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Still have a question?


Maureen Kelly, M.A.
Director of  Student Services

Scott Rische, D.Min.
Academic Dean

Tal Klaus, Ph.d.
Assistant Academic Dean


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