Books and Material FAQs

I need to return a book. What is your policy for book returns?

A. As long as the book is serviceable, and is returned during the time frame required in your contract, we will gladly accept the book back. Just email Kathy Smith, Director of Vision Publishing ( and let her know the book is coming.



I received the wrong syllabus/study guide, who do I contact?

A. Contact Kathy Smith, Rebecca Volosin or Maureen Kelley and one of them will handle it.



I want to buy a book for a friend. How do I order it? Do I get a discount?

A. Great. You can buy online at Vision’s Online Bookstore, at



I want to order a catalog of Books and Vision Products. How do I order it? Can I order products and books on line?

A. Contact Kathy Smith to order a printed catalog ( or visit Vision’s Online Bookstore, at



 Still have a question?


Contact Kathy Smith at