Students enrolled directly via the Ramona, CA office, or remotely via Resource Centers, may earn the following non-accredited, California state-authorized degrees:

Vision International University is authorized by the State of 
California to award degrees for religious vocations. Accreditation in 
the United States is voluntary. In order to meet our global mission, 
Vision International University degree programs are non-accredited. 
However, Vision International University provides pathways, via our 
sister institutions.

To earn accredited awards and transfer into accredited degree programs. Students who do not need an accredited degree may find an authorized degree sufficient for religious vocations; other students may choose a pathway to an accredited degree.

Students interested in transferring to accredited options via our 
sister institutions may earn up to the equivalent of an accredited 
Bachelor’s degree.

Students interested in transferring to accredited options via our sister institution may earn up to the equivalent of an accredited Bachelor’s degree.