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Online Courses for Christian Ministry Training

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Important Policy: Enrollment in Individual Courses Only Students may 
take up to 12 credit hours (four courses) via Vision Online prior to 
formal admission into a full degree program. After 12 credit hours 
have been earned in individual courses, the student must follow the 
formal admission process and enter a degree program course of study.

For Questions regarding admission policies and student services, 
please contact:
•       Maureen Kelley, M.A. at mkelley@vision.edu or by telephone at 
760-789-4700, extension 114 correct
For questions regarding finances, please contact:
•       Ken Knee, at finance@vision.edu or by telephone at 760-789-4700, 
extension 110.
For questions regarding technical issues, please contact:
•       Joshua Reichard, Ph.D., at support@vision.edu or by telephone at