Application for Membership



Please download the application above and fill out in its entirety, then return to us via snail mail.  If you have any questions, contact me, Rev. Delores Horsman M.A. at or call 1 760 789-4700 x 1008

Mission Statement

To promote the profession and practice of Counseling Services, while encouraging the training and networking of caring professionals for future generations.

IACCP through the work of its members strives to:AGI revised

  • Provide certification, fellow-shipping and Networking of Christian Counseling Professionals on a national and international basis.
  • Commit to recruit new members and retain and revitalize present membership.
  • Promote Professional Counseling practices that are ethically sound, clinically competent, theologically grounded and sensitive to multiple faith and spiritual practices.
  • Provide professional formation, credentialing and collegial membership for those who seek to integrate the resources of spirituality, theology and faith traditions into their professional practice.
  • Provide opportunities for training and continuing education for spiritual and professional development.



IACCP Application